Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Horticulture — ABM

Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Curriculum for the Department of Horticulture

The Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Program (ABM) offers outstanding students in the Department of Horticulture an opportunity to earn both the bachelor's and the master's degrees in less time and at less cost than usual. The ABM program allows these exceptional horticulture students to count up to 9 hours toward both the bachelor's and master's degrees. 

The Bachelor of Science in Horticulture can lead to a Master of Science in Horticulture or a Master of Agriculture in Horticulture in the ABM track. Please see the Department of Horticulture website for additional information, ABM tracks and curriculum models.

Below is a chart of all the approved courses that can be taken in the ABM program and what course that replaces at the undergraduate level.

HORT 6110Tree Fruit Culture (Replaces HORT 5110 Tree Fruit Culture)3
HORT 6120Small Fruit and Pecan Culture (Replaces HORT 5120 Small Fruit and Pecan Culture)4
HORT 6130Sustainable Vegetable Crop Production (Replaces HORT 5130 Sustainable Vegetable Crop Production)3
HORT 6140Post-Harvest Biology and Technology (Replaces HORT 5140 Post-Harvest Biology and Technology)3
HORT 6210Landscape Bidding, Installation and Maintenance (Replaces HORT 5210 Landscape Bidding, Installation and Maintance)4
HORT 6220Greenhouse Management Science (Replaces HORT 5220 Greenhouse Management Science)4
HORT 6230Nursery Management (Replaces HORT 5230 Nursery Management)4
HORT 7050Nutritional Requirements of Horticultural Plants (Replaces Group 1 or 2 or General Elective)3
HORT 7040Advanced Growth and Development of Horticultural Plants (Replaces Group 1 or 2 or General Elective)3

Senior Year for Students in ABM Program - Horticulture

Courses marked with an asterisk are those that can be substituted by graduate level courses by students enrolled in the ABM program to meet nine undergraduate hours during their junior and senior year and nine graduate hours to be used toward their graduate degree.

HORT 3000 Growth and Development of Horticultural Plants3*HORT 5120 Small Fruit and Pecan Culture4*HORT 5110 Tree Fruit Culture3
*Group 1 or 23 *Group 1 or 23 
HORT 2060 Hydroponics: Principles and Techniques of Soilless Plant Production3HORT 3950 Careers in Horticulture2 
ENTM 4020 Economic Entomology or 3040 General Entomology4PLPA 3000 General Plant Pathology4 
 Core Literature II or Core Humanities3 
*Group 1 or 23*HORT 5130 Sustainable Vegetable Crop Production3
*Group 1 or 23*HORT 5140 Post-Harvest Biology and Technology3
HORT 4000 Pesticide Management in Horticulture3HORT 5910 Horticulture Practicum4
*General Elective3*General Elective3
 UNIV 4AA0 Creed to Succeed0

Accelerated Master of Science in Horticulture

Fifth Year
HORT 7950 Seminar1HORT 7950 Seminar1
HORT 7990 Research and Thesis3HORT 7990 Research and Thesis3
Select 7 Credits in 6000-89997Select 6 credits in 6000-89996
 11 10
Total Hours: 21