Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Geography — ABM

Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Curriculum for Geography

The Accelerated Bachelors/Masters (ABM) of Geography degree program provides an opportunity for highly-motivated students to gain an in-depth understanding of materials related to geography beyond that of typical bachelor's level graduates and make them more competitive for the employment of graduate studies. The ABM program also allows an opportunity for students involved in undergraduate research to build upon those efforts and develop them into a master's thesis. In addition, the ABM program in Geography allows students to complete both a bachelor's and master's degree in five calendar years by allowing undergraduates to enroll in graduate level classes during their senior year. Application and matriculation requirements apply to interested students. Please see the Department of Geosciences website for additional information.

Below is a chart of all the approved courses that can be taken in the ABM program and what course that replaces at the undergraduate level.

GEOG 6700Quant Meth & Spatial Analysis (Replaces GEOG 5700 Quantitative Methods and Spatial Analysis)3
GEOL 7100Geocommunication (Replaces GEOG 4740 Senior Seminar)3
GEOG 6xxx Elective (Replaces GEOG 5xxx Elective)3

Senior Year for student in ABM - Geography

Courses marked with an asterisk are those used by students enrolled in the ABM program to meet nine undergraduate hours during their senior year and nine graduate hours to be used toward their graduate degree.

GEOG 5820 Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing4*GEOG 6xxx Elective3
*GEOG 7100 Geocommunications3*GEOG 6700 Quant Meth & Spatial Analysis3
GEOG Elective3Elective8

Accelerated Master of Science in Geography

First Year
GEOG Elective6GEOG Elective3
GEOG Elective or approval external elective3GEOG Elective or approved external elective3
GEOG 7990 M.S. Research and Thesis3GEOG 7990 M.S. Research and Thesis3
 12 9
Total Hours: 21