Exploratory Advising Center

Exploratory Advising

Becoming educated and finding a fulfilling vocation is hard, but we believe that with the proper support and guidance any college student can learn about themselves and their options, discover the best path to pursue, and find a way to thrive. The Exploratory Advising Center provides personalized academic advising and career counseling to Auburn students at any stage of exploration. Incoming freshmen can declare as an Exploratory major for up to two semesters, and will follow a structured exploring process through the exploratory first year seminar, taken for academic credit. Current Auburn students can get help thinking about a change of major, identifying possible career paths, or developing a personalized academic success plan. All students coming to Exploratory gain the support of our academic advisors and career counselors who specialize in helping students explore, discover, and pursue their best options. The Exploratory Advising Center is located at 101 Mary Martin Hall and is open from 7:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Additional information may be obtained by calling (334) 844-7277, emailing explore@auburn.edu, or visiting the website at https://exploratory.auburn.edu/​.

Exploratory Freshmen

Individuals applying to Auburn as first-time College students have the option to enroll as Exploratory students, without having to select a particular major or college. Exploratory students are advised by a group of cross-trained advisors and career counselors who provide intensive and personalized advising designed to help them choose the major that most closely meets their academic aptitudes and interests as well as their long-term goals. This option does not replace undeclared major options in Liberal Arts, Sciences and Mathematics, or Engineering. Instead, its goal is to assist students who are uncertain which broad academic area they wish to pursue. All students who enter Auburn University as Exploratory students must select a college or specific major by the end of their second semester. Students who enter Auburn as transfer students are not eligible to enroll as Exploratory.

Exploratory Major

The Exploratory major is a great choice for students unsure about which of Auburn's 140+ majors is best for them. Incoming freshmen may declare as an Exploratory major and spend up to two semesters discovering the ideal major for their academic and professional goals. The Center's academic and career advisors provide intensive and personalized support, including a two-credit course for all new Exploratory majors. While exploring, students receive academic advising on what courses to take to stay on track with potential majors and what courses will help investigate fields of interest. We believe it is hard to start college, find the right major, and take first-year classes strategically, and students deserve support in the process. The goal of the Exploratory major is to help students choose a major with confidence while making progress toward their degree.