Urban Environmental Science Minor

The Urban Environmental Sciences minor was approved in spring 2013.  This minor will prepare students to help cities meet the special challenges of managing natural resources in an urban environment.  Urban environmental scientists will be involved in storm flow analysis, tree planting and care, grant proposals, and supervision of municipal employees.  The courses required are shown in the table below.

15 hours required for Minor.
Core Electives (9 Hours Required)
Urban Ecology
Urban Forestry
Urban Geog and Sustainability
Concentration Electives (minimum of 6 hours within or across concentrations)
Rural Sociology
GEOG 5510Human-Environment Interaction3
Sociology of Natural Resources and the Environment
Agronomy and Soils
Soil Resources and Conservation
Landscape Architecture
Urban Studies I: American Urban Landscapes
Construction III: Hydrologies
Dynamic Systems I: Urban Ecologies
Community Planning
History and Theory of Urban Form
Introduction to Community Planning
Sustainable Transportation Planning and Policy
Environmental Planning
CPLN 5970Special Topics: Current Issues in Planning3
Civil Engineering
Environmental Health Engineering
Air Pollution
Planning for Multimodal Transportation Systems
Economics of Growth and Development
Urban and Regional Economic Development
Landscape Entomology
Intermediate Landscape Design
Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Services
Human-Wildlife Conflicts
Note: Courses required for student major may not be used to satisfy concentration electives. This includes Restricted Eletive Courses for the SFWS Natural Resource Management students.