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Nature-Based Recreation

15 hours required for minor.
Core Electives (9 hours required)9
Environmental Interpretation *
Nature Based Recreation
Concentration Electives (6 hours total required)6
Conservation and Ecology
Conservation Biology
Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management *
Landscape Ecology *
Study abroad course (Junior level or above) related to conservation. (For example FOWS 3025) **
Society and Development
FOWS 2033Intro to Environ Education3
Rural Sociology
Sociology of Community Development
Sociology of Natural Resources and the Environment
Study abroad course (3) (Junior level or above) on sustainable development, community development or society and the environment. (For example FOWS 3015) **
Economics and Tourism Management
Environmental Services *
Ecological Economics *
Principles of Marketing
Global Hospitality
Study abroad course (Junior level or above) related to hospitality and tourism management **

Part of Natural Resources Management Degree core. If a student is a NRM major, these credits will not count toward their minor. Students wishing to complete the NBR minor with a NRM major will need to take additional concentration electives to meet the required 15 hours.


Study abroad/international opportunities; only 3 hours of study abroad may be counted in minor.