Natural Resources Ecology - Minor

15 hours required for minor.
Core Electives (9 hours required)
Landscape Ecology
Wetland Ecology and Management
Forest Ecology
Concentration Electives: 1 course (3-4 hours) required from each of the 2 concentration areas
Landscapes and Abiotic systems
Study abroad course (Junior level or above) related to conservation. (For example FOWS 3025) **
Conservation Biology
Watershed Management
Urban Ecology
Soils & Environmental Quality
Soil Resources and Conservation
Bioenergy and the Environment
Water Science
Biotic Systems
Study abroad course (3) (Junior level or above) on sustainable development, community development or society and the environment. (For example FOWS 3015) **
Community Ecology
Population Ecology
Invertebrate Biodiversity
Vertebrate Biodiversity
Plant Ecology
Insect Ecology
Fisheries Biology and Management
Forest Health
Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management
Avian Ecology and Management
Mammalian Ecology and Management