Tribology Minor

This 15-hour multidisciplinary minor prepares students from various science and engineering majors for careers that require a background in friction, wear and lubrication (tribology). Students will be prepared for not only the lubricant and bearing manufacturing industry, but for design and maintenance in the power generation, vehicle, and manufacturing industries. Students who complete this minor will acquire the skills necessary to identify critical parameters in a tribological system, design a tribological system for the needs of a specific application, including geometry, lubricant, and surface properties. Students will also understand the chemical formulation and operating mechanisms of lubricants and additives.

Courses required
MECH 5230Friction, Wear and Lubrication3
PFEN 5300Rheology3
CHEM 2080Organic Chemistry II3
Electives courses
BUSI 3510Introduction to Business and Engineering3
MATL 5600Corrosion3
MECH 5240Boundary and Full-Film Lubrication3
MECH 5270Metalworking and Manufacturing Tribology3
CHEN 5660Macroscale Assembly and Applications of Nanomaterials3
MECH 5970Intermediate Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering3