Bachelor of Computer Science (On-line)

Term Course 1 Hours Course 2 Hours
1 CPSC 1213 Introduction to Computer Science I 3 CPSC 3243 Discrete Structures 3
2 CPSC 1223 Introduction to Computer Science II 3 CPSC 3303 Computer Organization 3
3 CPSC 1233 Data Structures 3 CPSC 4733 Computer Ethics 3
4 CPSC 3273 Algorithms I 3 CPSC 2713 Software Construction Fundamentals 3
5 CPSC 3283 Algorithms II 3 CPSC 3333 Operating Systems 3
6 CPSC 3353 Computer Networks I 3 CPSC 5123 Database I 3
7 CPSC 3703 Software Engineering 3 CPSC 5133 Database II 3
8 CPSC 5333 Mobile Application Development I 3 CPSC 5203 Web Development I 3
9 CPSC 5213 Web Development II 3 CPSC Elective 3
10 CPSC 5343 Mobile Application Development II 3 CPSC Elective 3
  1. This is a completer (a first bachelor’s degree in which non-major coursework is completed at another institution) or second bachelor's degree program.
  2. The CPSC courses are offered completely on-line in 7.5 week terms (5 terms/year). 
  3. The credit hours for each course are indicated name to the right of the course name in the table above (In-Major Courses). All courses are three credit hour courses.
  4. If taken as a first bachelor’s degree, the total number of credit hours required is 120. The core and general studies requirements (see Non-Major Course table below) can be satisfied by acceptable transfer credit, using standard university policies for accepting transfer credit as is used for the on-campus CSCI program, or by taking the Auburn University courses, either on campus or online, if online versions are available.  If taken as a second bachelor’s degree, only the CPSC courses indicated in the table above are required.
  5. For first bachelor’s degree students, courses for CPSC Elective and Core Science Sequence must meet CPSC degree policies.  Students must consult with the CPSC Academic Advisor when selecting these courses. For first bachelor’s students, the Humanities and Social Science courses, if taken at Auburn, must be chosen from the set of courses designated as Humanities or Social Sciences in the Auburn University Core Curriculum.
Math (Core)
MATH 1610Calculus I4
STAT 3010Statistics for Engineers and Scientists3
Science (Core)
Core Science Sequence I4
Core Science Sequence II4
Composition and Humanities (Core)
ENGL 1100English Composition I3
ENGL 1120English Composition II3
ENGL 2200World Literature before 16003
ENGL 2210World Literature after 16003
Core Fine Art3
Additional Core Humanities 3
Social Sciences (Core)12
COMM 1000Public Speaking3
Free Electives (including ROTC)12