Health Equity Science - Undergraduate Certificate

The undergraduate Certificate in Health Equity Science (CHES) is administered through the College of Human Sciences (CHS) under the purview of the Center for Health Ecology and Equity Research (CHEER). The undergraduate CHES is part of the training mission of CHEER, which aims to cultivate scholarship on health ecology and equity, and to develop leaders committed to addressing health inequities. This is achieved by helping students acquire a foundation of knowledge on health ecology and equity issues. Students completing this certificate program will have a strong understanding of the role of social context in generating disease risks and disparities in health between groups. Students will also learn how this corpus of knowledge can be translated into health-promoting policies and community-level interventions.

The CHES requires 12 semester hours (at least fifty percent of which must be at the 3000-level or higher), and completion of this certificate will appear on the official Auburn University transcript.  Students earn the certificate by completing:.

HUSC 5930Society and Health3
HUSC 5950Seminar on Health Ecology and Equity2
Seven (7) additional semester hours through elective courses7
Honors Thesis (2-6 semester hours) on a health equity topic* Practicum (1-6 semester hours) in health equity in a professional setting* Internship (12 semester hours) in health equity*
Total Hours12