Human Development and Family Studies Minor

Required Courses

HDFS 2000/2003Marriage and Family in a Global Context3
HDFS 2010/2013Lifespan Human Development in Family Context3
Total Hours6

Elective Courses

(Select a minimum of 12 hours from the list below; 9 hours must be at the 3000 level or higher.)

HDFS 2030Professional Development and Ethics3
HDFS 3010/3013Child Development in the Family *3
HDFS 3030Adolescent Development in the Family *3
HDFS 3040Human Sexuality Over the Family Life Cycle3
HDFS 3060Patterns of Family Interaction *3
HDFS 3080Development of Interpersonal Relationships *3
HDFS 3460Effective Guidance and Interaction with Young Children3
HDFS 3470Learning Experiences for Young Children4
HDFS 3930Service Learning in Human Development and Family Studies1-6
HDFS 4500/4503Hospitalized Children and Their Families3
HDFS 4510/4513Therapeutic Play3
HDFS 4520Dying, Death and Bereavement3
HDFS 4660Resource Management for Individuals, Couples, and Families3
HDFS 4670Parent Education3
HDFS 4680Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective *3
HDFS 4700Gender Roles and Close Relationships3
HDFS 4950Advanced Seminar3
HDFS 4960Special Problems in Human Development and Family Studies1-3
HDFS 4980Advanced Undergraduate Research in Human Development and Family Studies1-5
HDFS 5200Applied Research and Evaluation Methods3
HDFS 5300HDFS and Social Policy3
HDFS 2040Analytics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences4
HDFS 2043Analytics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences4
HDFS 2033Professional Development and Ethics3
HDFS 3013Child Development in the Family3
HDFS 3050Adult Development and Aging3
HDFS 3063Patterns of Family Interaction3
HDFS 4513Therapeutic Play3
HDFS 4503Hospitalized Children and Their Families3
HDFS 5930Society and Health3
HDFS 5950Seminar on Health Ecology and Equity3