Human Development and Family Studies Minor

Required Courses

HDFS 2000Marriage and Family in a Global Context3
HDFS 2010/2013Lifespan Human Development in Family Context3
Total Hours6

Elective Courses

(Select a minimum of 12 hours from the list below; 9 hours must be at the 3000 level or higher.)

HDFS 2030Professional Development and Ethics3
HDFS 3010/3013Child Development in the Family *3
HDFS 3030Adolescent Development in the Family *3
HDFS 3040Human Sexuality Over the Family Life Cycle3
HDFS 3060Patterns of Family Interaction *3
HDFS 3080Development of Interpersonal Relationships *3
HDFS 3460Effective Guidance and Interaction with Young Children3
HDFS 3470Learning Experiences for Young Children3
HDFS 3930Service Learning in Human Development and Family Studies1-6
HDFS 4500/4503Hospitalized Children and Their Families3
HDFS 4510/4513Therapeutic Play3
HDFS 4520Dying, Death and Bereavement3
HDFS 4660Resource Management3
HDFS 4670Parent Education3
HDFS 4680Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective *3
HDFS 4700Gender Roles and Close Relationships3
HDFS 4950Advanced Seminar3
HDFS 4960Special Problems in Human Development and Family Studies1-3
HDFS 4980Advanced Undergraduate Research in Human Development and Family Studies1-5
HDFS 5200Applied Research and Evaluation Methods3
HDFS 5300HDFS and Social Policy3

Students must have a 2.25 cumulative GPA to enroll in HDFS 3010, HDFS 3030HDFS 3060, HDFS 3080 and HDFS 4680.  A "C" grade or better must be earned in each course taken toward the minor and each must be an HDFS course.

Note: A student cannot use the same course to fulfill the requirements of both their major and their minor. If a course has been completed to meet the requirements of their major, the student must select an alternate course from the elective courses above to meet the requirements of their minor.