Curriculum in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

Select one of the following: 4Select one of the following: 4
BIOL 1000 Introduction to Biology
   & BIOL 1001 Introduction to Biology Laboratory
BIOL 1010 A Survey of Life
   & BIOL 1011 A Survey of Life Laboratory
BIOL 1020 Principles of Biology
   & BIOL 1021 Principles of Biology Laboratory
BIOL 1030 Organismal Biology
   & BIOL 1031 Organismal Biology Laboratory
BIOL 1027 Honors Biology
BIOL 1037 Honors Organismal Biology
ENGL 1100 English Composition I3ENGL 1120 English Composition II3
Core Fine Arts3Core Math3
Core Social Science3PSYC 2010 Introduction to Psychology3
Elective3COMM 1000 Public Speaking3
 16 16
PHIL 1030 Ethics and the Health Sciences3Core Literature or Core Humanities3
Core Literature13Core History or Core Social Science3
Core History13BIOL 2510 Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIOL 2500 Human Anatomy and Physiology I4STAT 2010 Statistics for Social and Behavior Sciences4
Elective3PSYC 3570 Theories of Personality3
 16 17
RSED 3020 Introduction to Rehabilitation3RSED 3120 Assessment in Rehabilitation3
RSED 4120 Independent Living Services in Rehabilitation3RSED 4100 Professional Communication in Rehabilitation3
RSED 4910 Practicum21RSED 4910 Practicum22
RSED 5010 Medical Aspects of Disability3RSED 5210 Occupational Information3
RSED 5200 Vocational Evaluation in Rehabilitation3RSED 5230 Rehabilitation Assistive Technology3
 16 14
RSED 4130 Ethical Practices in Rehabilitation3RSED 4920 Clinical Residency9
RSED 4910 Practicum21Elective3
RSED 5020 Psychosocial Aspects of Disability3UNIV 4AA0 University Graduation0
RSED 5170 Transition from Birth to Adulthood3 
RSED 5220 Placement Services in Rehabilitation3 
 13 12
Total Hours: 120

Students must complete a history sequence or a literature sequence.


Students are required to complete four hours of practicum, which may be taken over 2-4 semesters.