Curriculum in Foreign Language Education/French

ENGL 1100 English Composition I3Core History ll 3
Core History l 3FLFR 2020 Intermediate French II14
Core Math 3Humanities Core3
FLFR 2010 Intermediate French I14ENGL 1120 English Composition II3
Core Science l 4EDUC 1010 Orientation to Teacher Education40
 Core Science ll 4
 17 17
Core Literature3COMM 1000 Public Speaking3
Core Fine Arts3Core Social Science3
Core Social Science3Free Elective#2
Free Elective3FLFR 3110 French Civilization3
FLFR 3010 French Phonetics and Diction, 3030 French Conversation, or 4030 French Continuing Conversation3Select one of the following:3
FLFR 3040 French Composition
FLFR 4020 Advanced Grammar and Stylistics
FLFR 4040 French Continuing Composition
 15 14
FOUN 3000 Diversity of Learners and Settings43CTSE 4080/4083 Curriculum and Teaching II: Foreign Language2,44
CTSE 4070/4073 Curriculum and Teaching I: Foreign Language2,44FLFR Electives (3000 or above) 66
FLFR Elective (3000 or above) 63CTRD 5003 Language and Literacy in the Content Areas3
Select one of the following:3 
FLFR 3100 Introduction to French Literature
FLFR 3140 Survey of French Literature I
FLFR 3150 Survey of French Literature II
RSED 3000/3003 Diversity and Exceptionality of Learners43 
 16 13
FOUN 3120 Adolescent Development, Learning, Motivation and Assessment II2,43UNIV 4AA0 Creed to Succeed0
EDMD 3300 Utilization of Instructional Technology for Educators42CTSE 4920/4923 Clinical Residency311
FLFR Electives (3000 or above) 69CTSE 5220/5223 Class Management and Discipline in Foreign Language Classroom2,51
Free Elective#2 
 16 12
Total Hours: 120