Curriculum in Business and Marketing Education

ENGL 1100 English Composition I3ENGL 1120 English Composition II3
Core History 13Core History or Core Social Science3
Core Social Science3Core Math 3
Core Fine Arts3Core Social Science3
EDUC 1010 Orientation to Teacher Education20 
 12 12
ACCT 2110 Principles of Financial Accounting or 2810 Fundamentals Of Accounting3Core Literature or Core Humanities3
Core Literature13ACCT 2700 Business Law3
Core Science l 4Core Science ll 4
Humanities Core43FINC 2400 Personal Finance3
 CTCT 3000/3003 Leadership Skills for Personal and Organizational Development3
 13 16
CTCT 2200/2203 Computer Literacy in Business Education3MKTG 3310 Principles of Marketing3CTCT 5060 Program Planning in Area of Specialization3
FOUN 3000 Diversity of Learners and Settings23CTCT 5240/5243 Multimedia Design3CTCT 5080/5083 Principles of Coordination (Name change: Principles of Coordination)3
MNGT 3100 Principles of Management or 3810 Management Foundations3CTCT 5250/5253 Information Design & Analysis3CTCT 4970 Special Topics in Area of Specialization3
RSED 3000/3003 Diversity and Exceptionality of Learners3CTCT 5260/5263 Applied Computer Technology3CTCT 5940/5943 Work Experience in Information Technology3
CTCT 5200/5203 Records Management Systems3FOUN 3110 Adolescent Development, Learning, Motivation and Assessment I2,33 
 CTCT 4910 Practicum in Area of Specialization1 
 15 16 12
CTCT 4000/4003 Classroom/Laboratory Management, Organization and Evaluation in Career and Technical Education2,32CTCT 4923/4920 Clinical Residency412
CTCT 5050/5053 Methods of Teaching in Area of Specialization2,33UNIV 4AA0 Creed to Succeed0
CTRD 5003 Language and Literacy in the Content Areas3 
CTCT 4910 Practicum in Area of Specialization (or Elective)2 
FOUN 3120 Adolescent Development, Learning, Motivation and Assessment II3 
 13 12
Total Hours: 121