Primary Care Nurse Practitioner - Graduate Certificate

The Post Masters Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (PCNP) certificate program (19 credit/semester hours) is offered to graduates of other nursing master's programs. The goal of the PCNP graduate certificate is to give advanced practice nurses the opportunity to expand their practice by taking the clinical courses needed to qualify for the certification exam to be licensed as a PCNP.  Students who complete the certificate program will be ready to lead in advanced practice roles in health-related services to diverse populations. The PCNP certificate program is offered via a hybrid format where some courses are totally online and other courses require one to two on-campus class sessions per semester.  These on-campus class sessions would be for program/course orientations, presentations, or proctored testing.

Admission to all formal program options is competitive and all qualified applicants may not be admitted.  Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program admission minimum requirements include:

1)         completed application.

2)         Master's of Science in Nursing (MSN) or Master's in Nursing (MN or MS) from a nursing

            program accredited by an accreditation agency (CCNE or NLNAC) approved by Department of


3)         a minimum cumulative grade average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4-point scale in master's program.

4)         hold current active registered nurse license in the U.S. with no license encumbrances.

5)         pass a nationwide background check and drug screen.

6)         three online professional references.

7)         a personal interview with graduate nursing faculty may be required.

8)         successful completion with a "B" or higher in Advanced Pathophysiology, Advanced

            Pharmacology, and Advanced Physical Assessment in the last five years.

9)         minimum one year clinical experience.

10)       500 word personal goal statement.  This statement will include:  reasons for pursuing this

            certificate, past experiences, and career goals.

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Specific Courses
NURS 7226Roles and Issues of the Primary Care Practitioner3
NURS 7336Diagnostic Reasoning and Clinical Management3
NURS 7446Primary Care I3
NURS 7556Primary Care II3
NURS 7926Primary Care Practicum7
Total Hours19