Nursing - MSN

Program Degrees:

The School of Nursing offers a Masters in Science of Nursing (MSN). MSN graduates are ready to lead in educator and advanced practice nurse roles in health-related services to diverse populations. The MSN Program  has two program options: Nurse Educator (33 credit/semester hours) and Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (43 credit/semester hours). All formal program options share a 24-credit/semester hour core and then courses specific to each program option. The program is offered via a hybrid format where a few on campus course meetings may be held over the semester. The program does not require a thesis. Students are required to complete a capstone paper, generally a plan for an evidence-based intervention either in the educational setting or in the primary care practice setting. Students enrolled in the MSN Program prior to May 2018 are in a joint program with Auburn University Montgomery. Upon graduation of these students, the joint program will be discontinued. 

Admission to all formal program options is competitive and all qualified applicants may not be admitted. Schools of Nursing Admission Minimum Requirements include:

  • A bachelor of science in nursing from an accredited college or university
  • Good academic standing from the last university attended
  • Overall GPA of 3.0
  • Unemcumbered RN License. Students completing a BSN Program during the semester of application must request a waiver from the admission committee in order for the application to be considered.
  • Three Professional References
  • 500-word Professional Goal Statement. This statement will include: reasons for pursuing this degree and program option, past experiences, career goals and past achievements.
  • Successful completion of undergraduate statistics course.

Applicants may be asked by the School of Nursing for additional information and may be required to interview with the Director of the MSN Program, the MSN admission committee, and/or graduate faculty.

Full-time admission is available in the summer semester only and part-time admission is available, summer, fall, and spring if space it available. It is unlikely due to scheduling of courses and pre-requisites that students admitted part-time can move to full-time status. Courses are offered only one time per each academic year so changing programs of study from full to part-time may impact planned graduation dates. Application deadlines are: (1) Summer Semester- March 1, (2) Fall Semester-June 1, and (3) Spring Semester-October 1. The application is completed online and may be found on the Auburn University Graduate School webpage.

Core Courses

NURS 7346Advanced Theoretical Foundations of Nursing3
NURS 7356Quality, Safety, and Prevention Using Technology3
NURS 7366Evidence-Based Practice I2
NURS 7246Advanced Pharmacology3
NURS 7256Healthcare Policy and Ethics for the Nurse Leader3
NURS 7376Evidence-Based Practice II2
NURS 7236Advanced Pathophysiology3
NURS 7116Advanced Physical Assessment/Applied Clinical Concepts I3
NURS 7946Evidence-Based Practice III2

Nurse Educator Specific Courses

NURS 7326Curriculum Development and Evaluation3
HIED 8500The Professoriate3
NURS 7816Nursing Education Practicum3

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Specific Courses

NURS 7226Roles and Issues of the Primary Care Practitioner3
NURS 7336Diagnostic Reasoning and Clinical Management3
NURS 7446Primary Care I3
NURS 7556Primary Care II3
NURS 7926Primary Care Practicum7