Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Watershed Sciences Minor

Watershed science and management is an expanding field that involves managing the availability, quantity, and quality of water.  Many major metropolitan areas and smaller cities rely on forested watersheds to purify the necessary drinking water for their populations.  Many highly trained and dedicated professionals, knowledgeable in hydrology, climates, and water sciences, are needed in coming years to be certain this necessary commodity is provided to the United States and the world's growing populations. 

15 hours required for minor.
Core Electives (9 hours required) 1
Watershed Management
Wetland Ecology and Management
Geography of Water Resources
Concentration Electives: 6 hours within or across concentrations
Crops, Soils and Environmental Science
Aquatic Sediments
Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture
Water Science
Small Impoundment Management
Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Landscape Ecology
Geology and Geography
Global Systems Land/Water
Note: Courses required for student major may not be used to satisfy concentration electives. This includes Restricted Elective Courses for the SFWS Natural Resource Management students.