Curriculum in Wildlife Sciences - Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Students may be admitted to the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) upon completion of the minimum requirements listed below. If students are admitted to the CVM prior to completion of the full four years, they may obtain a bachelor of science in this concentration after successful completion of the freshman year in the CVM. The minimum requirements for admission to the CVM are incorporated in the first three years in the Wildlife Sciences, Pre-Veterinary Medicine Concentration. All minimum requirements must be completed by the end of the spring semester preceding the date of admission to CVM. (See the College of Veterinary Medicine section for additional information.)

ENGL 1100 English Composition I3CHEM 1040 Fundamental Chemistry II3
BIOL 1020 Principles of Biology
   & BIOL 1021 Principles of Biology Laboratory
4CHEM 1041 Fundamental Chemistry II Laboratory1
CHEM 1031 Fundamental Chemistry I Laboratory1ENGL 1120 English Composition II3
CHEM 1030 Fundamentals Chemistry I3BIOL 1030 Organismal Biology
   & BIOL 1031 Organismal Biology Laboratory
MATH 1610 Calculus I4STAT 2510 Statistics for Biological and Health Sciences3
 15 14
PHYS 1500 General Physics I4History or Social Science 13
WILD 2050 Wildlife Conservation History and Law*,23CHEM 2080 Organic Chemistry II3
History 13CHEM 2081 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory1
CHEM 2071 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory1BIOL 3000 Genetics3
CHEM 2070 Organic Chemistry I3BIOL 3001 General Genetics Laboratory1
 BIOL 3060 Ecology24
 14 15
Elec SCI33BIOL 4100 Cell Biology3
Literature13Humanities or Literature13
BCHE 3200 Principles of Biochemistry3Social Science3
WILD 3280 Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management*,23Elec SIC33
COMM 1000 Public Speaking3WILD 5750 Analysis for Wildlife Sciences4
 15 16
FORY 3100 Dendrology*,23WILD 5290 Mammalian Ecology and Management*,22
WILD 5280 Avian Ecology and Management*,22FOWS 5270 Natural Resource Policy*,23
BIOL 4020 Vertebrate Biodiversity24UNIV 4AA0 Creed to Succeed0
Fine Arts3WILD 4890 Wildlife Population Science or 5880 Wildlife Habitat Assessment and Management (WILD 5880 taught in Fall)*,23
Social Science3BIOL 3030 Evolution and Systematics3
Free Elective1ANSC 3400 Animal Nutrition4
 16 15
Total Hours: 120

Courses with an asterisk (*) must be completed with a grade of “C” or better