Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Coastal Management Minor

Coastal Management Minor

Coastal lands and resources are under increasing pressure due to a variety of environmental and societal issues. Sea level rise, urbanization, energy production, tropical storms, and habitat loss are just some of the pressing issues facing coastal areas. There is an increasing need for professionals trained to manage natural resources in these areas. Through coursework in the Coastal Zone Management minor, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the coastal environment and how management and policy are applied to natural resources. To complete this minor, students will be required to attend Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory (DISL) for one summer.

Core Courses 8 Hours required 

NATR 4535Coastal Zone Management2
NATR 5450Coastal Law3
BIOL 3040Biology of Marine Systems3

Restricted Electives 7 Hours needed from the following courses listed:

Biology and Conservation of Marine Turtles
Ecology of the Florida Everglades
Marine Conservation Biology
Hurricanes of the Gulf of Mexico
Coastal Birds of Alabama
Marine Botany

Students taking this minor may also consider utilizing course offerings at the Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory pertaining to coastal management as fulfillment for the Restricted Electives. This would be allowed through Marine Environmental Science Consortium of Alabama, of which Auburn University is a member. Course examples include:

  • Biotic Responses to Sea Level Change - 2 Hrs
  • Coastal Wetlands Ecology - 4 Hrs
  • Marine Restoration Ecology - 2 Hrs