Mediterranean Studies

The Mediterranean Studies undergraduate certificate is a twelve credit-hour course of study intended to enable students to gain an interdisciplinary concentration in various facets of the Mediterranean area.  Students in the Mediterranean Studies certificate will have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of learning experiences from courses to research, co- ad extra-curricular activities.  Students will need to study abroad in an AU approved program in a pertinent geographical area. Regularly enrolled and non-degree-seeking students who complete 12 hours of courses as outlined below may be awarded the certificate.

Study abroad course/internship - AU approved program in the Mediterranean (3 credits)

LBAR3910 - Capstone/Practicum (3 credits)

Choose two courses from approved list   (6 credits)

NOTE: A directed study or special topics class can replace one of these courses, WITH approval from advisor. AT LEAST 50% of courses for the certificate need to be at 3000-level or higher.