This program provides for enrollment in the Liberal Arts Curriculum and in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. Two degrees will be awarded: a bachelor of arts degree in the liberal arts major and a bachelor's degree in the designated engineering field. Students should receive dual advising through the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Engineering. Typically, five to six academic years are necessary to complete dual requirements.


Most majors and curricula are accepted as preparation for the study of law, but students interested in attending law school should also consider majoring in Law and Justice. Courses deemed useful, and which may be taken as electives, in majors, and in some cases to fulfill certain core requirements, are available from the pre-law program, located in 7002 Haley Center, where students receive advice on preparing for law school admission and the study of law.


Most majors and curricula in Liberal Arts are accepted as preparation for professional degrees in health, including advanced degrees from schools of medicine, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, occupational therapy and others. Generally, particular courses in the sciences, mathematics and philosophy should be taken in the University Core. Additional sciences and mathematics may be needed as electives. The university's pre-health advisor should be consulted for elective and core course guidance and for assistance in applying to graduate/professional schools. The liberal arts advisor is available for all other matters related to the student's undergraduate studies.