International Studies in Liberal Arts

International Studies in Liberal Arts is directed toward students interested in the broad study of social, political, cultural and economic global issues, and who want to develop language skills, expertise in a regional area, and personal experience in other cultures.

As global issues become more important for undergraduates to grasp as they prepare to embark on careers in an increasingly interconnected world, the International Studies in Liberal Arts degree will afford undergraduate students the opportunity for intensive study in the language, cultures, and ideas of a region or group of nations with an interdisciplinary approach. Housed in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures but with the support of departments in the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences, the International Studies in Liberal Arts program is an interdisciplinary major in the College of Liberal Arts. It offers thus a broad, interdisciplinary approach to international issues, as well as the opportunity to select a regional focus. Students may choose to focus in a particular region of the world, such as Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. All INTL students are expected to complete at least four semesters of foreign language. They are also expected to experience a total cultural immersion in a study abroad program in the region of their choice, either studying alongside local faculty and students and/or working in the local community. Students will also take courses that introduce them to the cultures, history, and achievements of the region in which they wish to concentrate. At the end of the program, students will also complete a capstone project, working with CLA faculty members in different departments to ensure a broad-based experience in writing and researching methodologies in line with their regional focus. With a thorough knowledge of a foreign language, broad background in cultural studies, and a deep immersion experience through a study abroad or international internship, the International Studies graduate will be a highly marketable potential employee and a well-informed citizen of the world.

Students with the International Studies in Liberal Arts B.A. degree are well prepared to work in education, tourism, translation, federal and state government, research and policy think tanks, non-profit and foreign aid organizations, law, the cooperative job sector, international banking and business, and military service.

The College also offers an array of study abroad, exchange, and international internship programs as well as minors and certificates in relevant topics.  Check the bulletin or with CLA advisors for more information about these options.

ENGL 1100 English Composition I3ENGL 1120 English Composition II3
FLGC 1150 Global Fluency and Awareness3Foreign Language II4
Foreign Language I4Core Social Science or Core History to complete the sequence13
Core Math3Core Science4
Core History3 
 16 14
Core Literature3Advanced Language4
Core Science4COMM 1000 Public Speaking3
Advanced Language Course4POLI 1050 Global Politics and Issues3
LBAR 2010 Liberal Arts Careers Preparation2CCEN 3200 Leadership for a Global Society3
GEOG 1010 Global Geography3Core Humanities or Core Literature to complete sequence13
 16 16
LBAR 4920 International Studies Internship3SOCY 1000 Sociology: Global Perspective3
Core Fine Arts3Regional Concentration26
Regional Concentration26Recommended Elective33
 15 15
Regional Concentration3LBAR 4800 International Studies Senior Capstone3
Recommended Elective36Regional Concentration23
Elective6Recommended Elective36
 15 13
Total Hours: 120