Curriculum in English: Literature

Students must take ENGL 2020 (Introduction to Literary Studies) as the gateway course to the Literature Track. ENGL 4800 (Seminar in Literature) is the capstone course for this track.  No more than 6 hours may be at the 2000-level; at least 18 hours must be at the 4000-level or above.  Effective Fall 2014, students must earn a C or better in any course counted toward the English major.

ENGL 1100 English Composition I3ENGL 1120 English Composition II3
Foreign Language I (College Core)4Foreign Language II (College Core)4
Core Social Science3Core Fine Arts3
Core Mathematics3Core Social Science3
 Core Humanities (except COMM 1000)13
 13 16
Core Literature23Core Literature23
Core Science I4Core Science II 4
HIST 1010/1017 World History I3HIST 1020/1027 World History II3
ENGL 2020 Introduction to Literary Studies3Group 243
Approved Minor33LBAR 2010 Liberal Arts Careers Preparation2
 16 15
ENGL 3130 Survey of Critical Theory34400-level American literature course3
4300-level British literature course3ENGL Elective (2000-level or higher)3
Course from Group 143Approved Minor33
 15 15
3760 OR 4500-level Genre course34600- or 4700-level Author or Topics course3
ENGL Elective (3000-level or higher)3ENGL 4800 Seminar in Literature53
Approved Minor36Approved Minor33
Electives3ENGL Elective (3000-level or higher)3
 UNIV 4AA0 Creed to Succeed0
 15 15
Total Hours: 120