Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Public Relations (PRCM)

Students must apply for admission to the PRCM major.

  • Complete CMJN 2100 with a C or better.
  • Students must complete their foundations class.
    • Students who began Auburn Fall 2023 or later must complete PRCM 1000 with a “C” or better. 
    • Students enrolled at Auburn prior to Fall 2023 must complete JRNL 1AA0 or JRNL 1100 with a “B” or better, or PRCM 1000 with a “C” or better.
  • Complete PRCM 2400 with a “C” or better.
  • Successfully complete 30 hours of degree-applicable course credits (including transfer, AP, and proficiency credits) and be a student in good standing at the time of the application.
  • In a well written 300-word essay, explain how you expect to contribute to the field of Public Relations and your specific career goals.
  • Students who transfer to Auburn University may apply to the PRCM major but must complete at least one semester at Auburn University before admission.
ENGL 1100 English Composition I3ENGL 1120 English Composition II3
Core History3Core Social Science3
Foreign Language I (College Core)4Foreign Language II (College Core)4
Core Mathematics3PRCM 10003
COMM 1000 Public Speaking3Core History3
 16 16
Core Literature3Core Science II4
Core Science I4LBAR 2010 Liberal Arts Careers Preparation (College Core)2
CMJN 2100 Concepts in Communications and Journalism3Core Social Science3
Humanities3JRNL 2210 Newswriting3
PRCM 2400 Foundations of Public Relations3PRCM 2500 Public Relations Case Studies & Ethics3
 16 15
PRCM 3000 Multimedia Writing for Public Relations3PRCM 3260 Strategic Communication in Public Relations3
Course from Group 216PRCM 4020 Digital Style and Design in Public Relations Messages3
Supporting Course Work23Course from Group 113
Core Fine Arts3Course from Group 213
 Supporting Course Work23
 15 15
PRCM 4400 Public Relations Research3PRCM 4500 Public Relations Campaigns3
Course From Group 213PRCM 4920 Internship3
Elective (2)6UNIV 4AA0 Achieve the Creed0
Supporting Course Work23Supporting Course Work23
 15 12
Total Hours: 120

Students should meet with their advisors about appropriate courses from Groups 1 and 2.


Students should meet with their advisors to identify Supporting Courses.