Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SLHS)

Students desiring a degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences may declare the major without formal admission to the program. Students must earn a C or higher in all major courses. SLHS courses with grades below C must be repeated to count in major which may cause graduation to be delayed.

ENGL 1100 English Composition I3ENGL 1120 English Composition II3
Foreign Language I (College Core)4Foreign Language II (College Core)4
Core History3Core Humanities3
Select one of the following:3Core Mathematics3
PSYC 2010/2017 Introduction to Psychology
 Core Social Science3
ANTH 1000 Anthropology: Culture and Adaptation
SOCY 1000 Sociology: Global Perspective
Elective/Supporting course23 
 16 16
BIOL 1000 Introduction to Biology
   & BIOL 1001 Introduction to Biology Laboratory
4COMM 1000 Public Speaking3
Core Literature3BIOL 1010 A Survey of Life
   & BIOL 1011 A Survey of Life Laboratory
SLHS 3000 Introduction to Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences33Core Fine Arts3
SLHS 3400 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech43Core History3
 SLHS 4520 Language Acquisition3
 13 16
SLHS 4600 Audiology and Hearing Science53Elective/Supporting course23
Elective/Supporting courses26SLHS 3550 Speech and Hearing Science3
SLHS 3410 Articulatory Phonetics and Phonological Development3SLHS 4100 Language Disorders Across the Lifespan3
PSYC 2130 Analytics for Social and Behavioral Sciences3SLHS 4200 Speech Disorders Across the Lifespan3
 SLHS 3100 Linguistics in SLHS2
 15 14
Elective/Supporting courses29SLHS 4620 Hearing Rehabilitation3
SLHS 3560 Neuroanatomy for Communication Disorders3SLHS 4580 Introduction to Clinical Procedures in Speech-Language Pathology3
Physical Science14SLHS 5100 Motor Learning, Generalization, and Adherence for Speech Language Pathology2
CHEM 1010 Survey of Chemistry I
 Elective/Supporting course24
CHEM 1011 Survey of Chemistry I Laboratory
 UNIV 4AA0 Achieve the Creed0
PHYS 1000 Foundations of Physics
 SLHS 5200 Cultural Aspects in Applied Health Sciences2
 16 14
Total Hours: 120

Students should choose a chemistry or physics course with a corresponding lab to complete this requirement.


Students should meet with their advisors for the listing of approved courses. SLHS majors are required to select a minimum of 3 electives (total of 6-8 credit hours) from the SLHS elective course offerings.


This course can be taken during the summer or fall terms.


Minimum of a B in SLHS 3400 is required for admission into many graduate speech language pathology programs.


This course may be taken in person or online before the term in which it is listed in order to be eligible for registration for other major courses.