Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Business — PhD

The PhD Business offer three concentrations:

The PhD in Business requires 60 semester hours earned through instruction beyond the bachelor 's degree, including 1) a minimum of 30 semester hours graded (e.g., A, B) graduate course work (6000-level and above); and 2) a minimum of 30 semester hours of additional graduate course work (6000-level and above) that may include ungraded courses, 7990 and 8990, and must include at least 10 hours of 8990. 

The total number of credit hours that may be transferred from another accredited institution toward a doctoral degree varies by program but must be less than 50 percent of the credit hours listed on the Plan of Study. Such transfer credit 1) must fall within the time limits of the degree; and 2) must be approved by the advisory committee and the dean of the Graduate School. A maximum of four hours of 7990 (Research and Thesis) from a completed master's program may be counted.

All doctoral students must complete a minimum of 10 hours of 8990. Enrollment in 8990 may take place at any time the student and the advisory committee deem appropriate. During any one semester, the number of hours of 8990 in which the student enrolls should reflect the amount of instructional time being spent on the dissertation and the degree to which university resources are being utilized. Students may enroll, during any one semester, for as few as one hour or as many as 16 hours of 8990. Dissertation students submitting their dissertation, awaiting committee review and approval, or taking their final examination must register for 8990 Research and Dissertation in the semester(s) when these steps in the process take place. The requisite 10 hours of 8990 should be included in the Plan of Study. No grade is assigned.