Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Nuclear Power Generation Systems

This 16-hour minor prepares Auburn engineering students for careers specializing in the support and service of America’s nuclear power generation industry. Students who complete this minor will have demonstrated an understanding of the industry’s basic construction techniques, power plant models, integration into the national electrical grid and common reactor plant operations. Coursework for the minor will take place in the classroom as well as on-site at nuclear power generating facilities, and will be led by faculty and nuclear industry leaders. Areas of emphasis include: regulation, safety, reliability and dependability, radiological health and work control practices, and training requirements for operators and maintenance technicians.

ENGR 2700Nuclear Power Operations, System and Careers1
ENGR 3710Basic Nuclear I: Nuclear and Mechanical Systems4
ENGR 3720Basic Nuclear II: Materials, Electric, Electronics4
ENGR 4710Advanced Reactor Operations I: Health and Safety3
ENGR 4720Advanced Reactor Operations II: Safe Operations4
Total Hours16