Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Bachelor of Computer Science (On-line) (CPSC)

The Bachelor of Computer Science is designed as a completer degree, in which non-major coursework is satisfied by acceptable transfer credit, which could include credit earned for a first bachelor’s degree at a regionally accredited institution. All students must satisfy the degree requirements as specified in the In-Major Courses and Non-Major Courses below. Students without transfer credit for all the requirements specified in the Non-Major Courses table must consult their academic advisor regarding what courses should be selected to satisfy these requirements. Each In-Major course is offered completely online in 7.5 week terms, with 5 terms per calendar year. 

In-Major Courses

Term Course 1 Hours Course 2 Hours
1 CPSC 1210 Introduction to Computer Science I 3 CPSC 3240 Discrete Structures 3
2 CPSC 1220 Introduction to Computer Science II 3 CPSC 3300 Computer Organization 3
3 CPSC 1230 Data Structures 3 CPSC 4730 Computer Ethics 3
4 CPSC 3270 Algorithms I 3 CPSC 2710 Software Construction Fundamentals 3
5 CPSC 3280 Algorithms II 3 CPSC 3330 Operating Systems 3
6 CPSC 3350 Computer Networks I 3 CPSC 5120 Database I 3
7 CPSC 3700 Software Engineering I 3 CPSC 5130 Database II 3
8 CPSC 5330 Mobile Application Development I 3 CPSC 5200 Web Development I 3
9 CPSC 5210 Web Development II 3 CPSC Elective 3
10 CPSC 5340 Mobile Application Development II 3 CPSC Elective 3

Non-Major Course

Math (Core) 3-4
Science (Core) 8
Core Science Sequence I4
Core Science Sequence II4
Composition and Humanities (Core) 15
ENGL 1100English Composition I3
ENGL 1120English Composition II3
Core Fine Art3
Core Literature3
Core Humanities3
Social Science (Core)9
Core History3-6
Core Social Science Elective3-6
Free Elective (including ROTC)24-25