Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Air Force Aerospace Studies

Commander, AFROTC Det 005
Professor of Aerospace Studies
Auburn University (334) 844-4355


Four-Year Program

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is an educational program designed to give students the opportunity to become an Air Force or Space Force officer while completing an undergraduate degree. The Air Force ROTC program is designed to teach the necessary skills needed to accept the challenging opportunities encountered in the Air Force and Space Force. Air Force ROTC offers a pathway from college to many exciting career possibilities as an officer: flying, engineering, intelligence, computer systems, aircraft maintenance, management, etc. Interested students should contact the Air Force ROTC department (;; 243 Nichols Center; 334-844-4355).

General Military Course (GMC)

The GMC is the first half of the program and is taken during the freshman and sophomore years. This program allows the student to “try out” Air Force ROTC without obligation (students on an Air Force ROTC scholarship incur an obligation upon the start of their second GMC year). During the first two years, the student will learn basics about the Air Force, Space Force, and the historical development of airpower. GMC students may be eligible to compete for an Air Force ROTC scholarship that pays tuition and fees, and provides both an allowance for books and a non-taxable monthly stipend while school is in session. The classes are one semester hour each. During the spring semester of the sophomore year, the student will compete for the opportunity to attend a fourteen day Field Training encampment (see Field Training section below for additional information). Successful completion of field training is mandatory for entrance into the Professional Officer Course (POC), the junior and senior years of the program. Qualified students may enroll in both freshman and sophomore classes at the same time and spend only one year in the GMC if they are already in college and need only three more years to graduate.

AIRF 1010/1020Heritage and Values I1
AIRF 2010/2020Team & Leadership Fund. I1

Professional Officer Course (POC)

The POC is the second half of the program, taken during the junior and senior years. These classes are three semester hours each. POC students take on leadership roles, planning and running most cadet activities. This gives them valuable experience that prepares them to become an officer. Students in selected degree programs (e.g. engineering) may spend a third year in the POC to complete their degree. All POC members receive a monthly stipend, and those with an Air Force ROTC scholarship continue with their benefits (tuition, fees, books allowance). As a junior, the student will learn about various leadership roles and management techniques needed to become an effective Air Force officer. During the senior year, students will learn about foreign policy and national security while preparing them for entrance into active duty.

AIRF 3010/3020Lead People & Effective Comm 13
AIRF 4010/4020Natl Sec. & Active-Duty Prep I3

Leadership Laboratory (LLAB)

Each Air Force ROTC student pursuing a commission in the Air Force or Space Force is required to attend Leadership Laboratory; students not qualified for or not pursuing a commission may not enroll. Leadership Laboratory consists of a two-hour class, two one-hour periods of Physical training (PT) and up to two additional hours of practical military training each week. Although no academic credit is awarded by the university, LLAB is an essential part of officer training. It is a cadet-centered program where the student will learn such things as military customs and courtesies, drill and ceremonies, and proper wear of uniform, as well as develop their physical fitness. On occasion, the student will have the opportunity to hear guest speakers discuss a variety of interesting and stimulating topics or participate in fun team-building activities such as bowling and paintball.

Curriculum for Leadership Laboratory

AIRF 1011/1021AFROTC Leadership Laboratory I0
AIRF 3011/3021AFROTC Physical Training I0
Total Hours0

Field Training (FT)

Cadets completing the General Military Course attend fourteen days of FT during the summer at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, and Camp Shelby, Mississippi. This rigorous program of leadership training, physical conditioning and academics assesses the cadet’s potential to be an officer. Additionally, cadets also receive survival and firearms training, career information and one or more military aircraft orientation flights. Cadets receive travel pay and a daily allowance for attending FT.

Air Force ROTC Scholarships

Air Force ROTC offers scholarships on a competitive basis to high school seniors and college students. These scholarships are offered to highly qualified students, primarily in scientific/technical majors or nursing. Please visit for the latest information about scholarships.

Aerospace Studies Minor

AIRF 1010Heritage and Values1
AIRF 1020Heritage and Values1
AIRF 2010Team and Leadership Fundamentals1
AIRF 2020Team and Leadership Fundamentals1
AIRF 3010Leading People and Effective Communication3
AIRF 3020Leading People and Effective Communication3
AIRF 4010National Security and Preparation for Active-Duty3
AIRF 4020National Security and Preparation for Active-Duty3
Total Hours16