Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Veterinary Medicine — DVM


VMED 9000 Orientation to Veterinary Medicine0VMED 9121 Veterinary Anatomy II3
VMED 9200 Veterinary Parasitology I3VMED 9141 Organology of Domestic Animals2
VMED 9111 Veterinary Anatomy I (Small Animal)4VMED 9150 Diagnostic Imaging2
VMED 9780 Clinical Concepts & Professional Development1VMED 9151 Veterinary Neurosciences4
VMED 9130 Genetic and Cellular Basis of Animal Disease1VMED 9210 Veterinary Parasitology II2
VMED 9110 Physiology I5VMED 9301 Physical Diagnoses of Large and Small Animals2
VMED 9131 Basic Microanatomy/Domestics Animals3Electives 1-2
VMED 9180 Veterinary Ethology2VMED 9120 Physiology II4
VMED 9050 Professional Development and Business Fundamentals1VMED 9190 Introduction to Veterinary Pharmacology1
VMED 9010 Veterinary Medical Ethics & Law1VMED 9780 Clinical Concepts & Professional Development1


VMED 9270 Introduction to Cytology1VMED 9510 Hemolymphatic System1
VMED 9260 Veterinary Pharmacology3VMED 9160 Veterinary Public Health3
VMED 9250 Virology & Prions2VMED 9062 Clinicopathology Conference Critical Thinking1
VMED 9280 Bacteriology & Mycology3Electives1-3
VMED 9230 Veterinary Clinical Pathology3VMED 9530 Respiratory System3
VMED 9220 Principles of Veterinary Pathology3VMED 9540 Small Animal Alimentary System2
Electives1-3VMED 9640 Large Animal Alimentary System2
VMED 9380 Physical Diagnosis II1VMED 9700 Introduction to Anesthesia3
VMED 9062 Clinicopathology Conference Critical Thinking1VMED 9310 Introduction to Surgery2
VMED 9240 Principles of Veterinary Immunology3VMED 9580 Nervous System2
VMED 9520 Cardiovascular System2 


VMED 9410 Applied Clinical Imaging2VMED 9360 Production and Preventative Medicine3
VMED 9311 Surgical Practicum0VMED 9370 Oncology1
VMED 9550 Urinary System2VMED 9320 Large Animal Nutrition or 9420 Small Animal Nutrition2
VMED 9560 Endocrine System2VMED 9311 Surgical Practicum1
VMED 9570 Theriogenology4VMED 9330 Exotic Companion Animal Medicine2
VMED 9062 Clinicopathology Conference Critical Thinking1VMED 9340 Emergency Medicine and Critical Care2
VMED 9590 Musculoskeletal System3VMED 9621 Clinical Rotations in Veterinary Medicine2
Electives 1-3VMED 9621 Clinical Rotations in Veterinary Medicine2
VMED 9350 Veterinary Toxicology2VMED 9621 Clinical Rotations in Veterinary Medicine2
VMED 9810 Integumentary System2VMED 9670 Ophthalmology1
 VMED 9170 Professional Communication Skills1


VMED 9621 Clinical Rotations in Veterinary Medicine (total of 12 hours of VMED 9621)2


VMED 9621 Clinical Rotations in Veterinary Medicine (total 18 hours of VMED 9621)2VMED 9621 Clinical Rotations in Veterinary Medicine (total of 14 hours of VMED 9621)2
 VMED 9801 Preceptorship3
 VMED 9950 Clinicopathologic Conference1
 UNIV 4AA0 Achieve the Creed0


Students are required to have 4 hours of elective credit in the pre-clinical curriculum (semesters 2-5), but may have more. In spring of year 3 (semester 6), students are required to take EITHER VMED 9320 or VMED 9420, but may take both, if their schedule allows.

Most clinical rotations are two weeks long with rare 3-week exceptions. Each student must complete
13 core clinical rotations and 9 elective rotations, which are selected from a pre-approved list.