Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Genetics — Pre-Med (MGEN), Pre-Den (DGEN), Pre-Opt (OGEN)

The genetics major provides a broad foundation in the biological, physical, and mathematical sciences fundamental to the study of heredity and evolution. The major is flexible in order to serve students interested in genetics, either as a basic discipline or in its application in biotechnology, agriculture, environment/conservation, and medicine.

ENGL 1100 English Composition I3ENGL 1120 English Composition II3
MATH 1610 Calculus I4CORE HISTORY I3
CHEM 1030 Fundamentals Chemistry I13CHEM 1040 Fundamental Chemistry II13
CHEM 1031 Fundamental Chemistry I Laboratory1CHEM 1041 Fundamental Chemistry II Laboratory1
BIOL 1020 Principles of Biology3BIOL 1030 Organismal Biology3
BIOL 1021 Principles of Biology Laboratory1BIOL 1031 Organismal Biology Laboratory1
SCMH 1890 Pre-Health Professions Orientation1 
 16 14
CHEM 2070 Organic Chemistry I3CHEM 2080 Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 2071 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory1CHEM 2081 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory1
   & BIOL 3001 General Genetics Laboratory
PHYS 1500 General Physics I4PHYS 1510 General Physics II4
CORE LITERATURE3STAT 2510 Statistics for Biological and Health Sciences3
 14 15
BIOL 3200 General Microbiology
   & BIOL 3201 General Microbiology Laboratory
4BIOL 4100 Cell Biology3
COMM 1000 Public Speaking3BIOL 4101 Cell Biology Laboratory2
PSYC 2010 Introduction to Psychology3BIOL 5220 Introductory Molecular Genetics3
BIOL 5800 Introduction to Computational Biology3CORE SOCIAL SCIENCE3
BCHE 5180 Biochemistry I3BCHE 5190 Biochemistry II3
 16 14
GENE CORE Elective4BIOL 5330 Developmental Genetics3
BIOL 3030 Evolution and Systematics3GENE CORE Elective4
PHIL 1030 Ethics and the Health Sciences3GENE SUPP Elective4
FREE ELECTIVE3UNIV 4AA0 Creed to Succeed0
 16 15
Total Hours: 120

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Courses in BOLD will be used to calculate GPA in major.

Options for courses labeled CORE are in the Auburn University Bulletin ( under Core Curriculum.

Students should declare a major by the time they earn 60 hours.

Students must complete all requirements for that major prior to graduation.

1 The Chemistry 1110/1111-1120/1121 sequence can automatically substitute for CHEM1030/1031-1040/1041.

Genetics Electives

GENE CORE Electives:

BIOL 3020  Genomic Biology (4 hrs)

BIOL 4150  Human Genetics (3 hrs)

BIOL 5260  Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics (3 hrs)

BIOL 5320  Plant Gene Expression (3 hrs)

BIOL 5521  Gene Exp & Recom DNA (2 hrs)

BIOL 5850  Functional Genomics (3 hrs)

BIOL 5860  Bioinformatics and Genome Analysis (3 hrs)

GENE SUPP Electives:

Any additional GENE CORE Elective

BIOL 4410  Vertebrate Development (5 hrs)

BIOL 4920  Internship (up to 4 hrs)

BIOL 4970  Special Topics (as appropriate: i.e. Genetics of Mammalian Disease)

BIOL 4980  UG Research (up to 4 hrs)

BIOL 5050  Fundamentals of Biophysics (3 hrs)

BIOL 5230  Virology (3 hrs)

BIOL 5500  Immunology (3 hrs)

BIOL 5550  Nanomedicine (2 hrs)

BIOL 5600  Mammalian Physiology (5 hrs)

AGRI 3000  Agricultural Genetics (4 hrs)

            ANSC 3500 Animal Breeding (3 hrs)

APBT 1000  Intro to Applied Biotechnology (1 hr)

APBT 3100  Applied Biotechnology I (4 hrs)

APBT 4100  Applied Biotechnology II (4 hrs)

CSES 5100   Plant Genetics and Crop Improvement (3 hrs)

FORY 3200  Forest Tree Physiology (3 hrs)