Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Chemistry (CHEM)

ENGL 1100 English Composition I3ENGL 1120 English Composition II3
MATH 1610 Calculus I4MATH 1620 Calculus II4
CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I13CHEM 1120 General Chemistry for Scientists and Engineers II13
CHEM 1111 General Chemistry I Laboratory1CHEM 1121 General Chemistry II Laboratory1
Core History3Core Social Science3
 14 14
CHEM 2070 Organic Chemistry I3CHEM 2080 Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 2071 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory1CHEM 2081 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory1
MATH 2630 Calculus III4MATH 2650 Linear Differential Equations3
PHYS 1600 Engineering Physics I4PHYS 1610 Engineering Physics II4
CHEM 3050 Analytical Chemistry3Core Literature3
CHEM 3051 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory1Elective1
 16 15
CHEM 4070 Physical Chemistry I3CHEM 4080 Physical Chemistry II3
CHEM 4071 Physical Chemistry I Laboratory1CHEM 4081 Physical Chemistry II Laboratory1
BCHE 5180 Biochemistry I3Core Social Science3
BCHE 5181 Biochemistry I Laboratory1BCHE 5190 Biochemistry II3
MATH 2660 Topics in Linear Algebra3BCHE 5191 Biochemistry II Laboratory1
Elective 3CHEM 3000 Chemical Literature1
 Core History or Literature23
 14 15
CHEM 4100 Inorganic Chemistry3CHEM 4110 Inorganic Chemistry II3
CHEM 4101 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory1CHEM 4111 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory II1
CHEM 5280 Computational Chemistry4CHEM 4980 Undergraduate Research in Chemistry or 4920 Chemistry Internship43
Core Fine Arts3Core Humanities3
Core Social Science or Humanities33CHEM 4950 Undergraduate Seminar1
Elective3CHEM 4130 Instrumental Analysis3
 CHEM 4131 Instrumental Analysis Laboratory1
 UNIV 4AA0 Achieve the Creed50
 17 15
Total Hours: 120

CHEM 1030/CHEM 1031 and CHEM 1040/CHEM 1041 sequence can substitute for CHEM 1110/CHEM 1111 and CHEM 1120/CHEM 1121. See advisor for details.


Students must complete a sequence of EITHER History or Literature to graduate.  Please select the second half of EITHER the History or Literature sequence that you began.


If a second LITERATURE sequence is chosen, this course must be a CORE SOCIAL SCIENCE.  If a second HISTORY sequence is chosen, this course must be a CORE HUMANITIES.


May take more CHEM 4920 or CHEM 4980 as additional elective hours.


This course must be taken the semester of graduation.