International Minor in Human Sciences

The College of Human Sciences offers two paths to obtaining the International Minor:

The Joseph S. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy program in which a student can earn the International Minor in one semester while studying abroad in Ariccia, Italy;

HUSC 3380CHS at AU in Italy: Pre-Departure and Orientation 2
HUSC 4010CHS at AU in Italy: Integrated Global Studies6
HUSC 4380CHS at AU in Italy: Study and Travel2
HUSC 4940CHS at AU in Italy: Directed Field Experiences6
Total Hours16


An on/off-campus program for students to complete a for-credit study abroad experience in the human sciences and human sciences content competencies and/or foreign language competencies on campus.

Required Courses (3-15 Hours)
HUSC 5940Study and Travel in Human Sciences (HUSC 5940 and/or HUSC 2940)3-12
HUSC 2940Study Abroad in Human Sciences (HUSC 5940 and/or HUSC 2940)1-6
AND/OR CADS/HDFS/NTRI/GSHS Study Abroad opportunities
Elective Courses (0-12) Hours
CADS 2000/2007Global Consumer Culture3
Foreign Language4
CADS 3700Gender, Wealth & Philanthropy3
HDFS 2000Marriage and Family in a Global Context3
HDFS 4680Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective3
HDFS 5300HDFS and Social Policy3
GSHS 2000Global Studies Human Sciences3
GSHS 2050Culture: Theory and Practice3
NTRI 2000/2007Nutrition And Health3
HOSP 4570Global Hospitality3
NTRI 4620Public Health Nutrition3
Total Credit Hours: 15

No more than 6 hours may be lower division (2000 and below) classes.
Courses taken as a requirement for the major or University core cannot be counted toward the minor.
No S/U courses can be counted toward the minor. 
Students must earn an overall grade average of "C" (2.0) on all courses taken in the minor.

Study Abroad Program admission required. Please contact the CHS Office of Global Education for more information about program availability and application processes.

Click on the links above to learn more or contact Kate Thornton, Director of Global Education, College of Human Sciences, 334 Spidle Hall, 334-844-1339,