Hunger Studies Minor

The Hunger Studies minor emphasizes causes, consequences and responses to hunger all while encouraging students from all disciplines to mobilize and act to solve hunger. Students will examine hunger as a complex issue of sustainable human development. Courses in the minor help students develop a skill set for global citizenship that includes opportunities for advocacy, research, community involvement, leadership, and critical problem solving. Students representing every discipline—from agriculture to marketing, from engineering to design—are welcome to apply their major studies in these cross-disciplinary classes that interactively study and discuss how to solve hunger. 

Required Courses

HUSC 2000/2007Hunger: Causes, Consequences, and Responses3
HUSC 4000Hunger Studies Capstone3
Total Hours6

(Select a minimum of 12 hours from the lists below; 9 hours must be at the 3000 level or higher.)


(must select at least one course)

CSES 2000Basic Crop Science4
ANSC 1000Introduction to Animal Sciences4
ANSC 2010Animals and Society3
CADS 2700Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations3
ENGL 4040Public Writing3
FISH 5210Principles of Aquaculture3
FORY 5440International Forestry3
HORT 2050Food for Thought3
NTRI 2000Nutrition And Health3
NTRI 3560Experimental Study of Foods4
NTRI 3750Nutrition Education2
NTRI 4620Public Health Nutrition3
POLI 5370Nonprofit Management3
RSOC 3190Food, Agriculture, and Society3

Leadership and Advocacy

(must select at least one course)

AGRI 3800Agricultural Leadership Development2
COMM 3450Intercultural Communication3
HDFS 5300HDFS and Social Policy3
PHIL 3100Ethical Theory3
POLI 2100State Government and Policy3
RSOC 5640Sociology of Community Development3
RSOC 3620Community Organization3
RSOC 5610Rural Sociology3
RSOC 3560Environment, Society, and Justice3
RSOC 5510Social Welfare, Family and Poverty3

Global Citizenship

(must select at least one course)

ANTH 3000Culture, Marriage, and the Family3
ANTH 3700Environmental Anthropology3
CADS 2000/2007Global Consumer Culture3
ECON 4300International Economics3
GEOG 2010Human Geography3
GEOG 5350Economic Geography3
HDFS 4680Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective3
POLI 3090Introduction to International Relations3
PSYC 3550Psychology and Culture3
POLI 3140American Foreign Policy3
POLI 3190International Relations of the Middle East3
POLI 3560The Arab Spring3
POLI 3610Asian Politics3
GSHS 2000Global Studies Human Sciences3
GSHS 3000Global Studies in Human Sciences Lecture Series1

To learn more about the Hunger Studies minor, contact Dr. Alicia Powers, Managing Director of the Hunger Solutions Institute, College of Human Sciences at