Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Human Development and Family Science — Child Life Option (HDCH)

ENGL 1100 English Composition I3ENGL 1120 English Composition II3
HDFS 2000 Marriage and Family in a Global Context3MATH 1120 Pre-Calculus Algebra3
Core History I 3Core History II 3
CADS 2000 Global Consumer Culture3HDFS 2010 Lifespan Human Development in Family Context3
PHIL 1030 Ethics and the Health Sciences3Professional Elective Course33
HDFS 1800 Introduction to HDFS2HDFS 1810 Introduction to Child Life1
 17 16
BIOL 1000 Introduction to Biology
   & BIOL 1001 Introduction to Biology Laboratory
4BIOL 1010 A Survey of Life
   & BIOL 1011 A Survey of Life Laboratory
Core Fine Arts3COMM 1000 Public Speaking3
Core Literature 3Core Social Science13
Core Social Science13HDFS 2030 Professional Development I and Ethics2
NTRI 2000 Nutrition And Health3HDFS 3030 Adolescent Development in the Family or 3110 Infant and Toddler Development3
 16 15
HDFS 3010 Child Development in the Family3HDFS 3080 Development of Interpersonal Relationships or 3060 Patterns of Family Interaction3
HDFS 3940 Child Life Practicum3HDFS 4520 Dying, Death and Bereavement3
HDFS 3460 Effective Guidance and Interaction with Young Children3HDFS 3510 Therapeutic Play 3
HDFS 3461 Effective Guidance and Interaction with Young Children Lab1HDFS Understanding Diverse Perspectives23
Professional Elective33Free Elective3
HDFS 3500 Hospitalized Children and Their Families3 
 16 15
HDFS 2040 Analytics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences3HDFS 4930 Internship in Child Life12
HDFS 5200 Applied Research and Evaluation Methods, 5300 HDFS and Social Policy, or 4950 Advanced Seminar3UNIV 4AA0 Achieve the Creed0
HDFS 4910 Professional Development II and Capstone2 
HDFS Understanding Diverse Perspectives23 
Free Electives2 
 13 12
Total Hours: 120

Social Science options: ANTH 1000, SOCY 1000PSYC 2010, COUN 2000, GSHS 2000, AFRI 2000, SOCY 1100, NATR 2050.


HDFS Understanding Diverse Perspectives course options: HDFS 3040, HDFS 4680, HDFS 4700.


Choose professional course electives that will strengthen your preparedness for internship and support your career goals. Professional course electives may be used to earn a minor. Professional course electives should be selected through consultation with your faculty advisor. HDFS courses and most PSYC, SOWO, SOCY, COMM and other social science related courses may serve as appropriate electives.