Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Counselor Education – School Counseling Option (Certification) — MEd

Class A Program Checklist for School Counseling (On Campus or Online)
Instructional Support Area: 33 hours
At least 1/3 of the program shall be teaching field courses
COUN 7200Introduction to Measurement and Assessment3
COUN 7230Career Development and Vocational Appraisal3
COUN 7240Counseling Children and Adolescents3
COUN 7310Counseling Applications of Lifespan Development3
COUN 7320Counseling Theories3
COUN 7330Counseling Diverse Populations 13
COUN 7340Group Counseling3
COUN 7350Introduction to Counseling Practice3
COUN 7400Orientation to Professional Counseling3
COUN 7420Orientation to School Counsel3
COUN 7500Crisis Intervention in Counseling3
Internship: 9 hours
COUN 7920Internship9
Practicum: 3 hours
COUN 7910Practicum3
Survey of Special Education/Diversity Course
See RSED 6000 in Additional Courses AND COUN 7330 in Instructional Support Area 1
Additional Courses: 15 hours
Required: 6 hours
COUN 7450Foundations of School Counseling 3
COUN 7460Leadership and Advocacy for School Counselors3
Select 9 hours from the following:9
Advanced Survey of Exceptionality 1
Advanced Assessment and Diagnosis in Counseling
Basic Methods in Education Research
Other advisor-approved supporting courses 6000 level and above 2
Total Hours60