Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Business Minor

A business minor is available within the College of Business for non-business majors. The minor includes four required courses and one elective course. Courses correspond with the common body of knowledge as specified by AACSB International. Completion of these courses provides a basic understanding of the foundations of business administration and facilitates progress toward graduate work in business. 

Required Courses:

ACCT 2810Fundamentals Of Accounting3
or ACCT 2110 Principles of Financial Accounting
FINC 3810Foundations of Business Finance3
or FINC 3610 Principles of Business Finance
MKTG 3810Foundations of Business Marketing3
or MKTG 3310 Principles of Marketing
MNGT 3810Management Foundations3
or MNGT 3100 Principles of Management

Elective Courses (choose one):

BUSI 3250International Business3
or ECON 2030 Principles of Macroeconomics

The Foundations courses (ACCT 2810, FINC 3810, MKTG 3810, MNGT 3810) are designed for non-business majors and are highly recommended for students pursuing the business minor. While the Principles courses are options for students pursuing the minor, students should be aware that those course options are designed for business majors. 

If any of these courses are taken to fulfill a University Core Curriculum requirement or a requirement in the major/professional option, alternative courses may be substituted with departmental approval. See course descriptions for appropriate prerequisites. Non-business majors who are seeking a business minor should declare the minor at Students seeking a business minor must earn an overall GPA of at least 2.0 in all courses required for the minor.