Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Business-Engineering-Technology Minor

Students who minor in Business-Engineering-Technology learn, practice, and integrate entrepreneurship, engineering, and business management skills demanded by the technology-driven global economy, solve real-world case study and design problems, and work in cross-functional teams. The minor is a joint offering by the Colleges of Business and Engineering. Admission to the minor is competitive. Engineering and business majors apply for admission to the Business-Engineering-Technology Program as second semester sophomores. To remain in the program the cumulative GPA must be equal to or greater than 3.0.

BUSI/ENGR 3510Introduction to Business and Engineering3
BUSI/ENGR 3520Integrating Business and Engineering Theories with Practice3
BUSI/ENGR 3560Leadership for Business and Engineers1
BUSI/ENGR 5540Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation4
BUSI/ENGR 5550Product/Process Design and Development I2
BUSI/ENGR 5560Product/Process Design and Development II3
Total Hours16