Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Industrial Design — Post-Baccalaureate Industrial Design Studies (IDSS)

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Studies (IDSS-Post Bacc) is a NASAD accredited program for second degree-seeking students who have already received an accredited bachelor’s degree in a field other than industrial design, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. Students who have successfully completed a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Studies with a 3.0 or better average, and have passed the Post Baccalaureate Review, are eligible to apply to the Master of Industrial Design (M.IND) program at Auburn University. The program consists of 43-credit hours of industrial design coursework (see curriculum model) designed to ensure that degree recipients have the necessary skill, technical understanding, and intellectual background to succeed in an industrial design graduate program.

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Studies is a three-semester program beginning in the summer semester. Students are allowed to proceed into the fall semester professional program if their grade average accumulated during the summer semester is a 70-percent or higher.

Students who complete the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Studies are strongly encouraged to continue in the Master of Industrial Design (M.IND) program. To do this, students must maintain a 3.0 in all industrial design courses and apply to the Graduate School during the first weeks of the spring semester. During the last week of spring semester, students must prepare for the Post Baccalaureate Review (a display of representative work from all Industrial Design coursework that is evaluated by faculty). Students who do not pass this review are given additional course requirements to be completed before a second (and final) review can be scheduled. Once the Post Baccalaureate Review is successfully completed, and the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Studies degree is awarded, students can proceed with their application to the Graduate School. Please contact the CADC Office of Student Services for more information on this degree option and curriculum.

Curriculum in Industrial Design Studies — Post-Baccalaureate Industrial Design

Course requirements: 

INDD 1310 Synthesis of Drawing10INDD 2110 Two Dimensional Industrial Design Principles6INDD 3210 Product Design6
INDD 1320 Prototype Fabrication3INDD 2120 Computer and Design Communications3INDD 3220 Materials and Technology3
INDD 1400 Careers in Industrial Design2INDD 2130 Presentation Rendering3INDD 2220 Anthropometry3
 INDD 3120 Industrial Design Methods3INDD 5960 Special Problems1
  UNIV 4AA0 Achieve the Creed (Graduation Check, Section AR1)0
 15 15 13
Total Hours: 43