Animal Sciences Minor

The Animal Sciences minor requires a total of 16 hours of approved course work (minimum of 9 hours at 3000-level or above) from the following:

Required Course (4 hours):
ANSC 1000Introduction to Animal Sciences4
Select one from the following (3 hours):
ANSC 1050Introduction to Equine Care and Use3
ANSC 2000Companion Animal Management3
ANSC 2010Animals and Society3
ANSC 2050Equine Behavior and Training3
ANSC 2720The Meat We Eat3
Select minimum of 9 hours from the following:
ANSC 3000Herd Health Management3
ANSC 3150Equine Marketing and Business3
ANSC 3300Introductory Livestock Evaluation and Marketing2
ANSC 3400Animal Nutrition4
ANSC 3500Animal Breeding3
ANSC 3600Reproductive Physiology4
ANSC 3610Animal Growth and Development4
ANSC 3650Physiology of Equine Athlete3
ANSC 3700Muscle Foods4
ANSC 3760Value Based Marketing of Livestock3
ANSC 4000Modern Livestock Systems4
ANSC 4010Beef Production4
ANSC 4050Equine Production and Management4
ANSC 4300Advanced Livestock Judging1
ANSC 4450Equine Nutrition3
ANSC 4700Meat Processing4
ANSC 4800Issues in Animal Agriculture2
ANSC 4810Professional Discourse in Agriculture1
ANSC 5700Microbiology of Meats and Other Foods4
ANSC 5730Sensory Evaluation3

Total required: 16 hours