Nursing: Primary Care Nurse Practitioner — Graduate Certificate

The Post-Master's Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (PCNP) certificate program (19 credit/semester hours) is offered to nurses who hold a Master's degree in another specialty area. The goal of the PCNP graduate certificate is to give advanced practice nurses the opportunity to expand their practice by taking the clinical courses needed to qualify for the certification exam to be licensed as a PCNP.  Students who complete the certificate program will be ready to lead in advanced practice roles in health-related services to diverse populations. The PCNP certificate program is offered via a hybrid format where some courses are totally online and other courses require one to two on-campus class sessions per semester.  These on-campus class sessions would be for program/course orientations, presentations, or proctored testing.

Admission to all formal program options is competitive and all qualified applicants may not be admitted.  Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program admission criteria:

  • Master's of Science in Nursing (MSN) or Master's in Nursing (MN or MS) from an accredited nursing program
  • Current unencumbered license as a registered nurse in the United States
  • Nursing GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in the Master's Program
  • Good academic standing from the last university attended
  • Successful completion of Advanced Pathophysiology, Advanced Pharmacology, and Advanced Physical Assessment with 3.0 or higher within the last 5 years
  • Successful completion (C or better) of an undergraduate statistics course
  • Three professional references for online recommendation form - References should be qualified to judge abilities to be successful in graduate studies
  • Minimum 1-year clinical experience
  • Professional Goal Statement
  • Submission of all official transcripts sent directly to Graduate School 
  • Current resume or curriculum vitae

College of Nursing Specific Admission and Progression Information

  • If applicant is a student in a MSN program at time of application, the applicant must submit a request for waiver of the MSN and NP Certification admission requirements with application to the Graduate Program Director. If waiver is approved, the applicant must complete the MSN in good standing before admission and must obtain the NP Certification during the first semester of study. These students will be admitted as provisional/conditional until the NP Certification is obtained. An official transcript indicating completion of the MSN and documentation of NP Certification must be provided to AUSON and the Graduate School in order to remove the provisional/conditional status. If a waiver is obtained, these applicants will be considered based on their MSN GPA on their current transcript.
  • Students may be interviewed by the Graduate Admission, Progression, and Graduation Committee and other faculty and/or community members.
  • Students must complete the intent to enroll form and all compliance requirements by the date indicated on the offer at admission or their seat may be given to another applicant. 
  • Students are required to provide credentialing documentation and must complete a background check and drug screen. All credentialing documentation required by Auburn University and the College of Nursing must be completed by the deadline specified. 
  • To progress through the program, all AUSON graduate students must receive a grade of at least a B in all courses. Students earning any two course grades of less than a B will be dismissed from the graduate program. 
Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Specific Courses
NURS 7220Roles and Issues of the Primary Care Practitioner3
NURS 7330Diagnostic Reasoning and Clinical Management3
NURS 7440Primary Care I: Women and Children3
NURS 7550Primary Care II: Adults and Elderly3
NURS 7920Primary Care Practicum7
Total Hours19