Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Nursing — MSN

Track Options:

The College of Nursing offers a Master's of Science in Nursing (MSN). MSN graduates are ready to lead in educator and advanced practice nursing roles in health-related services to diverse populations. The MSN Program has two program options: Nurse Educator (35 credit/semester hours) and Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (43 credit/semester hours). Both program options share a 24-credit hour core. The hybrid program is offered primarily online, but does require 1-2 on campus course meetings each semester. The program does not require a thesis. Students are required to complete a capstone paper that is typically a plan for an evidence-based intervention either in the educational or primary care practice setting. 

Admission to all program options is competitive and all qualified applicants may not be admitted. All applications must meet the admission criteria for applications to be considered complete and to be considered for admission.

Admission Criteria

  • Submission of all official transcripts directly to the Graduate School
  • A Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from an accredited college or university or waiver request granted (see below)
  • Nursing grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (students with GPAs lower than 3.0 may be considered for provisional admission if otherwise qualified)
  • Current unencumbered license as a registered nurse in the state in which student plans to participate in any clinical experience or received request for waiver 
  • Three professional references for online recommendation form - References should be qualified to judge abilities to be successful in graduate studies
  • 500 word Professional Goal Statement 
  • Resume or curriculum vitae

College of Nursing Specific Admission and Progression Information

  • If applicant is a student in the final semester of a BSN program at time of application, the applicant must submit a request to the Graduate Program Director for a waiver to apply. If waiver is approved, the applicant must successfully complete the BSN Program in good standing before admission and must obtain their RN nursing license during the first semester of study. These students will be admitted as provisional until the RN Nursing license is obtained. An official transcript indicating completion of the BSN Program must be sent directly to the Graduate School and proof of RN license must be provided to the College of Nursing in order to remove the provisional status. If a waiver is granted, these applicants will be considered based on their current Nursing GPA on their current transcript.
  • Students may be interviewed by the Graduate Admission, Progression, and Graduation Committee and other faculty and/or community members.
  • Students must accept enrollment within their application and complete the letter of intent by the date indicated on the admission offer. 
  • Students are required to submit required compliance documentation, including a background check and drug screen. All compliance requirements must be completed by the date indicated prior to course registration. Students who fail to satisfy all requirements for admission within the specified time period will be dismissed from the nursing graduate program. 
  • To progress through the program, all AUCON graduate students must receive a grade of at least a B in all courses. Students earning any two course grades of less than a B will be dismissed from the graduate program. 

Applicants may be asked by the College of Nursing for additional information and may be required to interview with the Director of the Graduate Program, the Graduate Admission, Progression and Graduation Committee, and/or graduate faculty.

Full-time admission is summer semester only and part-time admission is summer, fall, and spring. Courses are offered only one time each academic year, therefore, changing status from full-time to part-time may impact planned graduation dates. Application deadlines are: (1) Summer Semester- March 1, (2) Fall Semester-June 1, and (3) Spring Semester-October 1. The application is completed online and may be found on the Auburn University Graduate School webpage and the Auburn University College of Nursing webpage.

Core Courses

NURS 7110Adv Health/Physical Assessment3
NURS 7230Advanced Pathophysiology3
NURS 7240Advanced Pharmacology3
NURS 7250Healthcar Policy & Eth Nur Ldr3
NURS 7310Trans to Adv Practice Nursing2
NURS 7340Advance Theory3
NURS 7350Quality, Safety and Prevention3
NURS 7430Evidence Based Nurs Pract2
NURS 7540Imp/Eval-Evid Based Nurs Pract2

Nurse Educator Specific Courses

NURS 7210Teac Strat-Methods, Desi, Tech2
NURS 7260Transition-Clin to Nurse Edu2
NURS 7320Curriculum Development/Eval4
NURS 7810Nursing Education Practicum3

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Specific Courses

NURS 7220Roles and Issues of the PCNP3
NURS 7330Diag Reasoning & Clin Mngt3
NURS 7440Primary Care I3
NURS 7550Primary Care II3
NURS 7920Primary Care Practicum7