Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Instructional Leadership — Graduate Certificate

This graduate certificate academically prepares individuals that are interested in becoming an instructional leader or administrator in a K-12 school setting and requires an Alabama Class A certificate in a teaching field. 

Instructional Leadership - GCRT
EDLD 7210Multiprofessional Leadership for Equity 13
EDLD 7200Supervision and Personnel Management3
EDLD 7220Organizational and School Management3
EDLD 7510Action Research and Data Analysis3
EDLD 7520Leadership and the Learning Organization3
EDLD 7530Planning and Continuous Improvement3
EDLD 7540Instructional and Curricular Leadership3
Total Hours21

If a state-approved diversity course was completed as part of a previous master's-level certification, EDLD 7210 (3 hours) will be waived resulting in a total of 18 hours.