Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation — MS

The program will provide diversified research methods, measurement, and evaluation education for those seeking research and evaluation positions in K-12 school systems, institutional research offices at colleges and universities, and as survey researchers and program evaluators. The overarching outcome of the Master of Science (M.S.) degree program in Educational Research Measurement and Evaluation will be for students to develop foundational competencies necessary to engage in applied research and evaluation in educational and community organizations. The program is focused on developing professionals, equipped with skills in research and evaluation methods that can be applied to school and community settings.

The non-thesis Masters' program will require the completion of 36 credit hours. 

Eighteen (18) of these credit hours will consist of required coursework in quantitative and qualitative research methods, survey research methods, and program evaluation. These courses are:18
Basic Methods in Education Research
Theory and Methodology of Qualitative Research
Design and Analysis in Education I
Program Evaluation
Survey Research Methods
Practicum in Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation
Nine (9) credit hours will be completed in advanced research methods and analysis as approved by the advisor. These nine credits hours will be taken from the following list of existing courses:9
Advanced Study of Educational Measurement and Evaluation
Applied Qualitative Research
Writing as Inquiry in Qualitative Research
Thinking with Theory in Qualitative Research
Design and Analysis in Education II
Mixed Methods Research
Research Methods for Social Justice and Equity
Teacher Evaluation
Prep Research for Publication
Design and Analysis in Education III
Non-Parametric Data Analysis in Education Research
A Practical Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling
Advanced Measurement Theory
Nine (9) credit hours will be completed in an applied area as approved by the advisor, such as higher education, institutional research, educational psychology, educational leadership and administration, instructional technology, or intensive research methods.9
Total Hours36