Inclusive Elementary Education Practices - Graduate Certificate

The program requires 15 hours of coursework. Everyone in the program will complete six hours of required coursework. Key assessments will be included in each class which will be used for program evaluation.  Students will select nine additional hours of coursework from a given list.

Required Courses (6 hours)
CTEE 7010Approaches to Teaching (Required) Spring3
or CTEE 7016 Approaches to Teaching
RSED 7400Curriculum and Teaching in Specialization (required) summer3
or RSED 7406 Curriculum and Teaching in Specialization
Choose 9 hours from options below
RSED 7460Positive Behavior Supports (Optional) Fall3
or RSED 7466 Positive Behavior Supports
CTEE 7420Curriculum and Teaching in Language Arts (Grades K-6) (Optional ) Summer3
or CTEE 7426 Curriculum and Teaching in Language Arts (K-6)
CTEE 7440Curriculum and Teaching in Mathematics (Grades K-6) (Optional) Summer3
or CTEE 7446 Curriculum and Teaching Mathematics (K-6)
RSED 6160Framework for Collaboration in K-12 (Optional) Summer3
or RSED 6166 Framework for Collaboration in K-12