Women's Studies

Program Requirements

The Women’s Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary graduate minor in Women’s Studies, open to any graduate student. The minor provides students with specific coursework in women’s and gender studies and a teaching practicum that helps prepare them to teach an introductory women’s studies course. The minor is recommended for students who seek positions in women’s and/or gender studies departments or joint positions for which part of the responsibility is to women’s and/or gender studies.

Students are required to complete 10 hours of graduate-level coursework, including WMST 6980 (Feminist Theory; 3 hours) and WMST 7910 (Teaching Practicum; 1 hour). Students fulfill the remaining hours with graduate courses cross-listed with Women’s Studies; these must be from outside of the student’s home department. See the Women’s Studies Program website for a full listing of course offerings. http://www.cla.auburn.edu/womensstudies/womens-studies-minor/graduate-curriculum/

For more information, contact the Director of the Women’s Studies Program.