Statistics - MS, MPS

Degree Programs:

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers degree programs leading to a master of science in statistics and a non-thesis master of probability and statistics. The master of science is designed to provide a suitable mix of theoretical and applied background for students interested in a career in statistics. The curriculum provides students with the necessary technical, analytical and interpretive skills required of professional statisticians while concentrating on education in the fundamentals of statistics and its interdisciplinary nature. Course offerings are structured to give students a variety of choices of specialization in order to pursue a career in academia, government or industry and/or further their pursuit of a PhD degree in statistics. For the MS degree the student must complete and defend a thesis and obtain a passing score on the related oral examination. The master of probability and statistics (MPS) is the non-thesis option in which students are required to complete a project that may involve statistical consulting, programming and/or data analysis. A PhD degree in mathematics with concentration in statistics is also available (see mathematics).

For those students whose graduate research includes a substantial amount of statistical methodology or data analysis, but who do not wish to pursue a degree, a graduate minor in statistics is available (see “Statistics” under “Graduate Minors”).