Pharmaceutical Sciences - Health Outcomes Research and Policy Option - MS (Non-thesis)

Pharmaceutical Sciences Non-Thesis Masters Degree Program – Health Outcomes Research and Policy Option

A. Program Administration

After the student is admitted to the non-thesis Masters Program, the student will be assigned to the Graduate Program Officer (GPO) as his/her temporary advisor. By the end of the second semester in the non-thesis MS program, the student must select a faculty member, who will serve as the research advisor for the student.  The advisor selection process will be the same with PhD and thesis-option MS programs.  The student will work with the research advisor to formulate an advisory committee.  This advisory committee will consist of no fewer than three HORP faculty members.  This committee will assist the research advisor in the selection of coursework and in oversight of the student’s overall progress.  In addition, the committee will assist the research advisor in evaluating the student’s performance in the non-thesis research course (HORP 7980). Because of the demands of this program, students will not be permitted to engage in outside employment while enrolled in the program.

B. Program Curriculum

1.  Curricular Overview

The required courses of this curriculum are aligned with the three core competencies of the graduate program: Scientific Communications, Data Analyses and Interpretation, and Experimental Design.  The Scientific Communications requirement (3 credits) is to be fulfilled by HORP 7950 (1 credit per semester).  The Data Analyses and Interpretation requirement  (3 credits) is to be fulfilled by ERMA 7300 or STAT 7000 (3 credits).  The Experimental Design requirement (3 credits) is to be fulfilled by HORP 7980 (1-3 credits per semester, student must take a minimum of 4 to satisfy the degree requirement).

STAT 6110Sas Programming and Applications3
HORP 7510Health Services Delivery and Evaluation3
HORP 7520Social and Behavioral Theory in Health3
HORP 7530Pharmaceutical Economics, Outcomes, and Policy3
HORP 7540Pharmacoepidemiology: Methods and Applications3
HORP 7820Research Methods and Design Health Science I2
HORP 7950Seminar 13
HORP 7980Non-Thesis Research 24
Core Data Analysis Requirement 33
Restricted Advisor Approved Electives 43
Total Hours30