Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmaceutics Option - MS

The Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy offers interdisciplinary MS and PhD degree programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Those pursuing one of these degrees must select one of four curricular options: 1) Medicinal Chemistry, 2) Pharmaceutics, 3) Pharmacology, or 4) Health Outcomes Research and Policy.

The Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology options are designed for students interested in the drug discovery or development processes, and are affiliated with the Department of Drug Discovery and Development.  Areas of interest include neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, cancer, diabetes and other metabolic diseases, synthetic organic chemistry, forensic analytical chemistry and drug delivery, disposition and formulation.

The Health Outcomes Research and Policy option is designed for students interested in studying healthcare delivery, medication use and outcomes.  This option is affiliated with the Department of Health Outcomes Research and Policy.

Note that courses used to fulfill program core requirements may also be used to fulfill option specific requirements.

The MS degree is offered under the thesis option.  Students must earn a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate courses (6000 - 8999). Thesis students register for Research and Thesis in semester(s) when working on the thesis, when submitting, defending or awaiting final approval of the thesis, and when taking final examinations. Candidates for the MS degree are required to prepare a thesis proposal and complete a proposal defense.

For the MS Program, students must complete a Core Curriculum outlined below.

DRDD 7090                Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences I                                         4 hrs

DRDD 7100                Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences II                                        4 hrs

DRDD 7010                Pharmacokinetics                                                                 4 hrs

DRDD 7030                Drug Products and Biopharmaceutics                                  4 hrs

DRDD 7950                Seminar (may be repeated multiple times for credit)            1 hrs

DRDD 7990                Research and Thesis (total of 4 CR required)                     1-4

In addition to the specific core and option course requirements listed above, students must complete committee approved graduate electives (6000-8999) to reach the 30 hour degree requirement.