One Health Graduate Certificate

The One-Health concept is based on the premise that health related interactions among people, animals, and the environment have profound influences on disease risk, transmission, and prediction efforts.  This Graduate Certificate requires a minimum of 15 credits from the following list of on-campus and on-line distance education courses offered at Auburn University or the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health.  Successful graduates are required to enroll in the 4 required courses for 9 credits and at least 6 credits from 8 elective courses to complete the certificate.   Those completing the certificate program will  increase their knowledge regarding relationships between One Health concepts and many other professions such as urban planning, engineering, natural resource management, be competent in the fundamentals of One Health concepts, and be able articulate to audiences linkages between One Health concepts and challenging technical problems related to the environment.

Required Courses - 9 Credits

FOWS 7106 Human Dimensions of One Health2
FOWS 7206 Disease Ecology3
FOWS 7306 Current Topics in One Health1
VMED 7946 Epidemiology in One Health World3

Elective Courses - 6 Credits needed

FOWS 7006 Influences of Natural and Alterned Environments on One Health 3
Health Economics (HCOP 610Q)3
VMED 9502Current Topics in Veterinary Medicine1
GEOG 6836Introduction to Geographic Information Systems4
FDSC 6206Developing, Implementing, and Auditing Food Safety Programs3
NURS 8426Population Health Outcomes3
NTRI 6106Nutrition in Disease Prevention2
CHEN 6676Pollution Prevention Engineering3
ENTM 6366Landscape Entomology4
GEOG 6210Climatology3