MS Nutrition

MS Nutrition Thesis
NTRI 7500Minerals3
NTRI 7510Vitamins3
NTRI 7520Macronutrients: Integration and Metabolism4
NTRI 7530Human Nutrient Metabolism4
ERMA 7300Design and Analysis in Education I3-4
or STAT 7000 Experimental Statistics I
NTRI 7050Methods Of Research2
NTRI 7850Research Seminar for Master's Program1
NTRI 7990Research And Thesis ( (minimum of 5 hours))5
Elective Graduate Level Courses5

The non-thesis track in Nutrition is available through both distance education and on campus.  Required courses for the non-thesis track in nutrition include:

NTRI 7500/7506Minerals3
NTRI 7510/7516Vitamins3
NTRI 7520/7526Macronutrients: Integration and Metabolism4
NTRI 7530/7536Human Nutrient Metabolism4
ERMA 7300/7306Design and Analysis in Education I3-4
or STAT 7000 Experimental Statistics I
NTRI 7050/7056Methods Of Research2
NTRI 7850/7856Research Seminar for Master's Program1
NTRI 7980/7986Nonthesis Research (minimum of 5 hours)1-6
Elective Graduate Level Courses8

Examples of elective courses for the MS in nutrition may include:

ADED 7060Curriculum and Program Planning in Adult Education3
ADED 7600Nature of Adult Education3
BCHE 7220Principles of Cellular and Molecular Enzymology3
BCHE 7280Topics in Biochemistry1-3
BIOL 6190Cell and Molecular Signal Transduction3
BIOL 6220Introductory Molecular Genetics3
BIOL 6500Immunology3
KINE 6400Exercise Prescription for Normal and Special Populations3
KINE 6500Exercise Technology I: Principles of Exercise Testing and Interpretation3
KINE 6550Exercise Technology II: Applied Exercise Testing and Interpretation4
KINE 7680Advanced Physiology of Exercise I3
KINE 7700Advanced Physiology of Exercise II3
KINE 7750Advanced Sport Psychology3
KINE 8780Biochemistry of Exercise3
NTRI 6020Medical Nutrition I4
NTRI 6030Medical Nutrition II4
NTRI 6560Nutrition and Food Service Management3
NTRI 6620Sports Nutrition3
NTRI 6820/6826Nutrition In The Life Cycle3
NTRI 7016Advanced Practicum in Dietetics1-9
NTRI 7910Practicum in Nutrition and Dietetics1-12
NTRI 7930/7936Advanced Independent Study1-6
VBMS 7070Endocrinology4